Pre Race Information

Refunds, Transfers & Deferrals

We are unable to offer any refunds once you have entered the race.

If you want to transfer your number to another runner we can accept that up until 31st Aug 2017 as long as you have emailed us and we have responded to accept.

We are unable to offer any refunds.

Deferrals will only be accepted up until July 31st 2016 and must be accompanied by valid medical proof (Dr. or Physio. letter), all medical deferrals will incur an administration charge of £10.


Whether you have never run a race of this distance before or you are a seasoned runner, we’re sure you realise that training is essential. Remember to listen to your body and take care not to leave niggling injuries untreated. Eat and sleep well and remember to taper your training as the race date approaches so that you have enough energy for the big day. We strongly recommend that you visit the Runners’ Medical Resource website which has lots of useful information to help ensure you are fit to complete.

Start Times

The Purbeck Marathon will start at 9.30am.

The Purbeck 16 will start at 10am.

Numbers and Chips: All numbers and chips will need to be collected.

You will be able to collect your number and chip from the administration point in Sandpit Field, just behind the Sea Front (by the finish) on Saturday the 16th Sept, between 4-7pm or on the 17th Sept, at the start, between 7.30 and 9am.

Please ensure that you complete the form on the reverse of your race number. This is for your own safety; we need medical and contact information should anything prevent you finishing the race.

Chip Timing Mats: There will be mats to register your chips at the start, at Tyneham at Corfe and at the finish. It is essential that you run (or walk!) over these as they are there not only to time you but to ensure that we know who is out on the course.


Swanage and the Purbeck area has much to offer in the way of accommodation. Please visit or Trip Advisor for more information. It’s worth noting that if you only want accommodation for 1 night it’s usually better to call than to try and use the online booking tools.

Directions to Swanage:

Swanage is reached by one of two routes;

  • Toll Ferry from Sandbanks (£3.50 per car incl passengers), along Ferry Rd and the B3351, through Studland Village and then take the left onto Ulwell Rd, signposted Swanage
  • From Wareham, take the A351 heading south through Corfe Castle and Harmans Cross.


There is no specific parking for marathon participants; however there are several public pay car Parks which are shown on the Swanage map below.  Charges are as follows:

Long Stay: Broad Rd, Main Beach (Victoria Avenue) – 1hr £1.50, 2hrs £3.00, 4hrs £5.00, 6hrs £6.50, Up to 24 hrs £8.00

Long Stay: North Beach (De Moulham Rd) – 1hr £1.50m 2hrs £2.50, 4hrs £4.00, 6hrs £5.00, Up to 24 hrs £6

Short Stay: Mermond Place (closest to finish) – 1hr £1.20, 2hrs £2.10. Parking is free between 10pm and 8am

Payment can be made by cash or using your mobile phone (you can pre-register) – further details are here.



This event is being run by the local community FOR the local community and we need volunteers.

Enter The Purbeck Marathon

Thank you for your interest in the marathon, we hope that you will enjoy running around the beautiful Isle of Purbeck

Enter The Purbeck 16

Thank you for your interest in The Purbeck 16, we hope that you will enjoy running around the beautiful Isle of Purbeck


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