2012 Charities

In our inaugural year, we were able to donate £1500 to the Swanage Regatta and Carnival Committee for distribution to their chosen causes.

We also donated £100 to The Kimmeridge Project which is an exciting local project to provide both a permanent home to the world renowned Etches fossil collection and also  a new village facility for the people of Kimmeridge.

The Purbeck Marathon uses RRPrinting for our t-shirts, this is run by Revd Robert Robb who is heavily involved in a building project in Zambia so in 2012 we donated our left over t-shirts to the children at the project. Here is what Robert had to say:

I’ve been involved in a building project in an orphanage in Zambia and was returning there again in 2013 to continue the work which was begun in 2012. The work involved renovating and extending an existing primary school, building a Chicken house, putting numerous doors on children’s dorms and staff accommodation, concreting and tiling floors and various other practical jobs about the compound.

The orphanage is home for over 50 children many of whom have lost their parents to Aids. Others are there because their families cannot afford to care for them or feed them. The ministry was begun eight years ago by a Christian man from County Antrim who seeing the plight of the children purchased a run-down farm and completely renovated it to make it suitable as a home, school and church for the orphaned children of local villages.

“The transformation in the lives of these children has been amazing” said Robert, having returned from his recent trip to the orphanage. “The children are so happy, despite the fact that they have very little compared to most children in Western Society.” This project gives these children a secure home, regular food, a good education and an opportunity at life that they would not otherwise have had. The children, together with some of the staff and locally employed workers were delighted to receive their PURBECK MARATHON T-Shirts.”

A BIG THANK YOU from Robert of RRPRINTING to Purbeck marathon organisers.

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This event is being run by the local community FOR the local community and we need volunteers.

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